Who we are

ロータリーフェローズ東京(Rotary Fellows Tokyo ,RFT)は、ロータリー財団奨学金を受けて留学した東京出身者および東京在京、在勤の学友による学友会組織で、春秋の例会、国際ロータリーの活動の一環であるロータリー財団月間における学友による卓話者派遣、派遣奨学生オリエンテーション参加、などの活動を行なっています。東京在住、在勤者であれば、出身地区を問わずRFTの活動に参加可能です。




学友の講師による講演と懇親会(詳細は「これまでの活動 」をご参照ください)





Rotary Fellows Tokyo (RFT) is the organization of Tokyo based alumni of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). We hold two regular annual events, send our members to give talks on their TRF Scholar/Fellow experiences to Tokyo based Rotary Clubs, and participate in orientations for TRF Scholars/Fellows being sent abroad from Japan. Membership of RFT is open to TRF Alumni residing or working in Tokyo, regardless of their sponsoring Rotary Districts.

RFT was organized in April 1967 by Nagakazu Shimizu, who was the first TRF fellow from Japan, who studied at Cornell University in 1950. Founding members included Sadako Ogata (ex UN High Commissioner for Refugees).

【RFT’s activities】

Spring seminar

Lectures by TRF alumuni, normally followed by a buffet dinner for fraternizing among the participants. For details of past lectures please see Table “Spring seminar speakers”.

Autumn gathering

An informal gathering of TRF scholars/ fellows, RFT members and Rotarians to welcome TRF scholars/fellows who have come to Japan, and to send off scholars from Japan who will study abroad.

Other activities

RFT assists RID2580 in the selection and orientation of TRF scholars/fellows, and provides speakers to RID2580 Rotary Clubs during TRF Week.